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Whether you need to mark half a mile of new asphalt or hundreds of miles of interstate highway, we are equipped and staffed to get the job done right and on time.

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Reynolds started with one push striper back in 1982, today we are one of the largest companies in North America, and a proud ESOP company with over 300 employees.

Reynolds Striping Road

road marking

Reynolds Sealing and Striping has been the leader in pavement markings throughout Kentucky and surrounding areas since 1982. Offering a full range of road and pavement marking services, we combine one of the largest vehicle fleets in the region, with highly trained crews and a strong sense of service second to none.

In addition to marking roads and highways, Reynolds is highly skilled at marking airfields, parking lots, hospitals, factories and more.

Whenever. Wherever.

Asphalt maintenance

Our goal is to correct existing problems and prolong the life of your surface.

Whether it be a small parking lot or an airfield runway, we understand the need for honest, straightforward information.

Reynolds’ asphalt sealing process and crack repair ensures the longevity of your investment. Our pavement specialists will visit your site and complete a thorough evaluation to determine the best plan of action. Our goal is to correct existing problems and prolong the life of your surface.

Our experienced team can develop a coating and application process designed for your specific needs based on location, traffic, or preexisting conditions. After the initial evaluation is complete, Reynolds will provide a written recommendation and a preventive maintenance plan to optimize the safety and longevity of your surface.

If it’s quality, you want, Reynolds is ready to seal the deal.


We offer professional sealcoating, repair, and maintenance of your home’s private driveway.  Reynolds sealcoating and asphalt maintenance will slow the effects of damaging oxidation from the sun, prevent water penetration, and improve the overall appearance of your asphalt surface. Our coatings are scientifically developed and applied per manufacturers recommendations. NOT WATERED DOWN.

Routine maintenance of your driveway can more than double the life of your asphalt.

Sports Surfaces

The perfect bounce every time. As the sole source designer and installer, we make certain only the highest quality raw materials go into our surfaces, ensuring that each surface we develop will perform from beginning to end. Our team can assist you with the design and color choice for your tennis, basketball, volleyball, pickleball court or sports surface you desire.  

Reynolds is ready to get you in the game.

Have a court? Reynolds is here to bring old surfaces back to life? 

Rumble Strips

Rumble strips are a safety feature installed in roads that call attention by alerting drivers through sound and vibration of the vehicle. Not only does this feature add a level of safety to the drivers, but pedestrians, and cyclist alike. Although rumble strips are new to Reynolds, our crews have over 20 year of experience dating back to the year 2000 when KDOT adopted the program. Since, we have been the installation leader in KY. Now looking to expand our footprint to other States. 

Our Service Regions

Reynolds Sealing and Striping has offices in Bowling Green, Louisville, and Madisonville, and are staffed and equipped to service all of WV, VA, KY, TN, OH, SC, IN, AR, and MO.

No matter the job, Reynolds marks the way!

Reynolds Sealing and Striping

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